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We now have available a selection of ebooks containing individual portfolios. On the iPad the portfolios feature an option to magnify a section of the image by double tapping on the spot you wish to view at larger scale. The PDF portfolios contain neither the magnifier capability nor the videos. The first portfolio can be downloaded at no charge for either format. The other portfolios are available for $1.99 for the epub version or $1.50 for the PDF version through a secure site that takes credit cards. We now have an account at the iTunes store as well, so you may purchase the portfolios there if you prefer that option. At the present time the portfolios available are:

An Armchair Traveler's Guide to Death Valley

cover Death Valley is huge! It is one of my favorite destinations, offering stark beauty at elevations from below sea level at Badwater Basin through an elevation of 8000 feet at Mahogany Flat, or even higher were you to hike to the top of Telescope Peak. There are natural wonders and ghost towns, wide open vistas and narrow canyons, highways and back roads to explore. The park is enormous, and that is a problem for most visitors.

In this guide you can peruse panoramic views of many of the features in Death Valley, some visited by many and others by only the most determined. These panoramas are viewed through the windows of real and imagined buildings in and around the park.

Please visit the website for the book to learn more about it, including a video where you may watch the book being "read," a list of recommended reading and more available there or download a free sample from the iBookstore.

Sticks and Stones

cover Sticks and Stones, an alphabet book for the 21st century, an ePub3 book for the iBook app in the iPad, wa published by Polytropos Press in December 2012. Due to the inclusion of scripting for the animation, sound and the image content, the book is available only for the iBook reader on the iPad and for the Chrome browser on your desktop with the Readium extension installed.

Please visit the website for the book to learn more about it, with the introduction, a video where you may watch the book being "read," a list of recommended reading and more available there. If you would like to download a sample of the book to play with it, please do.

The ebook can be purchased directly from Polytropos Press

Sticks and Stones is now available on iTunes:

Exhibition Catalogs

Desert Grasslands, a catalog for the exhibit, Desert Grasslands, which was installed at the Tucson Museum of Art, between January 26 and July 17, 2013. Work by 18 artists was included and examples are provided here as well as artist biographical material and statements.
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Sand Mirrors

cover Sand Mirrors is a marriage of poetry by Zen teacher Richard Clarke and photographs by Stephen Strom. The poems beckon the reader to explore the inner and outer richness of sand and ocean — richness beyond all imagination and dream. It speaks to fleeting and timeless patterns on Northern California and Oregon coasts, and through understated but powerful words, reminds us that all our life is now, and has nothing to do with transience or duration.

The images in Sand Mirrors — which might be called metaphorical photographs — were taken on a variety of beaches located in the Pacific Northwest coasts during 2007-2011. These beaches are notable for their relative isolation, expanse, stark uplifted and eroded rocks, backdrop of richly foliated coastal cliffs, and a variety of sandy minerals.

This book is published in 2 paper editions, a softcover edition and a limited edition which will include a signed print of an image from the book. The softcover version is now available. Please visit the website for the book to learn more about it.

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